Davenports Locksmith & Roadside Service
906 Brighton St Paragould, Arkansas 72450
(870) 239-5803

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Brad in Paragould, AR *****
I found myself in quite the pickle recently while out of state. My parents needed to get into my house to pick up my dog, but had misplaced their key to my house. This was not known until after I was 300 miles away. I contacted Curtis, and he responded right away and saved the day. It was a relief for me knowing he had taken care of me, and my dog, in my absence. Highly recommend him! Thanks again Curtis!!!
Deanna in Paragould, AR *****
When I was a single momma I had locked my keys in my vehicle- I was devastated! I wanted to panic real quick but that was not going to get my keys out. I called Curtis and he was over in a flash, we did live close but it was way after working hours. I am forever grateful!
Colby in Marmaduke, AR *****
If you ever need anything done at all this is the man to call!! Does very good work and is very reliable!!
Jamie in Paragould, AR *****
On speed dial. He's fast and friendly. Family business man.
Kelly in Paragould, AR *****
Came after hours to my business to fix my door lock.thanks!!
Shane in Paragould, AR *****
Curtis has provided excellent service to my family and I, when you have kids driving there is always something going to happen.
Erin in Paragould, AR *****
I locked my keys in the trunk of my car at 8 p.m. on a Sunday after grocery shopping. Roadside Assistance sent Davenport's to me. He arrived in less time than I was quoted, and he had me back in my car in less than two minutes! Thank you so so much!
Kevin in Paragould, AR *****
After several attempts to try to get my wife's keys out of her locked car, I called Davenport Locksmith. The gentleman was here within just a few minutes and, in a shorter time, he had her door open and her keys were in my hands. Didn't get the gentlemans name who opened the car for us but, many MANY thanks! Excellent job!
Debbie in Paragould, AR *****
The service Curtis provides to those of us who CONTINUALLY lock ourselves out is invaluable! He is a hard working guy who gives so much to our community, he deserves your business!
Gary in Paragould, AR *****
Had to use Curtis once (daughter locked keys in car). He was there quickly and "very very reasonable" on price
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