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The Dangers Of Wintertime Lockouts Oct 28, 2015 »

There are many small mistakes we make in life that are easy to laugh off after the fact. Ever leave a freshly bought coffee on the top of your car as you drive off down the street? What about the feeling you get when realizing you are fifteen minutes late to an appointment you completely forgot you had? Small mistakes are easy to make and happen all the time, and with a good sense of humor, can make for an entertaining story later on.

While many of those forgetful moments can result in a good…

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When Is It Time To Call For Roadside Assistance? Oct 28, 2015 »

Many people who find themselves stranded at the side of the road often wonder what their next course of action is when their car won't start. Should you call a friend to come and jump you? Should you walk to that gas station down the road and leave your car unattended? Is it the right time to call for roadside assistance in Jonesboro? And while all of these courses of action may seem logical to someone with no way of getting their car back onto the road, it stands to reason that calling for…

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How to Properly Set up for a Jump Start in Paragould, AR Oct 28, 2015 »

You'd be surprised to know just how many people don't know how to properly jump start a car--let alone the number of people who don't have jumper cables in their trunk in case of a dead battery! Jump starting a car isn't a terribly difficult task, however it's one that needs to be approached with extreme caution and a proper knowledge of what to do, otherwise, it could be extremely harmful or damaging to the person improperly attempting a jump.

At Davenports Locksmith and Roadside Service, we…

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