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When is it Time to Call for Roadside Assistance?

When Is It Time To Call For Roadside Assistance?

Many people who find themselves stranded at the side of the road often wonder what their next course of action is when their car won't start. Should you call a friend to come and jump you? Should you walk to that gas station down the road and leave your car unattended? Is it the right time to call for roadside assistance in Jonesboro? And while all of these courses of action may seem logical to someone with no way of getting their car back onto the road, it stands to reason that calling for roadside assistance is usually the safest and quickest way to see your problem resolved.

What constitutes a necessary time to call for roadside assistance in Jonesboro? Take a look at a few of the most common reasons that people find themselves calling for a professional to help them get back behind the wheel:

Auto failure

Auto failure is the most common reason that people end up on the phone with a roadside assistance service. Whether it’s an overheated engine that just quit or a dead battery that has left your car unwilling to start, auto failure can strike in many forms. One of the main reasons that roadside assistance in Jonesboro is beneficial in these situations is due to the potentially dangerous nature of your vehicle’s failure. If you’re not experienced under the hood, you could accidently burn yourself or worse, exacerbate the problem if you decide to tinker around.

Tire blowouts and flats

A flat tire or blowout can happen to anyone on the road—there’s no telling when you’ll hit a piece of road debris or a pothole that finally does your tire in. In any case, wherever a flat sidelines you, you’ll need to think about a tire change. If you’re in an area where attempting a tire change would be dangerous or you simply have no experience in changing a tire, a roadside assistance professional could just be the saving grace you need to get back on four wheels!

An empty tank

You may not have seen the gas light pop on during your travels or you may have lost the race to the nearest gas station—whatever the case may be, you’d be surprised at how many motorists find themselves sidelined with an empty tank. Running out of gas can really put a cramp in your style and with no nearby pump to deliver petrol to your car, you’ll be needing some help from a roadside assistance professional if you’re going to make it to the next gas station.


Just like a flat tire, a lockout can happen to just about anyone. Maybe you accidently shut the door when your keys were still on the seat or perhaps your eager puppy accidently hit the lock button as you were about to open the door? When you’re on the outside and your keys are on the inside, you’ll be needing a professional touch to get your car doors open again. The solution? You guessed it: roadside assistance in Jonesboro.

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